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Experience comprehensive postpartum support with The Whole Village Bundle, featuring our three essential products designed to nourish, educate, and empower new mothers through every step of their postpartum journey.

Everything a new mama needs to feel supported and cared for

This bundle includes our Postpartum Recipe Book, Postpartum Guide, and One-Handed Bites eBook.



1. Village for Mama Postpartum Recipe Book (Physical Book)

A postpartum recipe book with recipe gift cards to help modern mamas gather their village and organize homemade meal giving for their fourth trimester.

  • 30 nourishing recipes: Designed alongside a naturopath to replenish and nourish a new mama post-birth, with vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free options.
  • Recipe gift cards: Encourage friends and family to prepare meals, fostering a supportive community.
  • Versatile recipes: From snacks to easy dinners, ideal for any time of the day.
  • One handed eating: Perfect for when you’re holding a baby or juggling tasks.
  • Nutrient dense: Focused on protein and essential nutrients for postpartum recovery.
  • Family friendly: Suitable for lunchboxes and family meals.
  • Freezer friendly: Ideal for meal prep and postpartum planning.

2. Village for Mama Postpartum Guide

A comprehensive 70+ page guide packed with postpartum wisdom, planning tools, checklists, additional resources, recipes, and discount codes to support new mothers through the fourth trimester and beyond.

  • Postpartum wisdom: Expert advice on recovery, mental health, breastfeeding, and more.
  • Planning tools and checklists: Organised and easy-to-use tools for a smooth postpartum journey.
  • Additional resources: Links to further reading, support groups, and professional services.
  • Nourishing recipes: Delicious recipes designed for postpartum recovery.
  • Exclusive discount codes: Save on essential products and services.

3. One-Handed Bites for Postpartum and Beyond

Over 30 easy-to-prepare, nutritious recipes designed for those moments when you only have one hand free.

  • Quick and easy, nutritious recipes: Focused on protein and essential nutrients, perfect for grab-and-go meals.
  • Freezer-friendly options: Ideal for meal prep and postpartum planning.
  • Versatile snacks: Delicious savoury and sweet snacks that double as lunchbox fillers or side dishes for family meals.
  • One-handed eating: Crafted for situations where you’re holding a baby or multitasking.
  • Family-friendly: Suitable for the whole family, easing the daily hustle with quick, tasty options.


Frequently asked questions

More often than not, we refer to the period of time following the birth of a baby as the ‘Postpartum Period’. This is actually a term used in Western medicine to indicate the amount of time it takes for a mother’s hormone levels and uterus to return to their non-pregnant state. This is typically 6 weeks and then despite it taking a whole 9 months to grow a baby, new mothers are expected to ‘bounce back’ and move on. The fourth trimester is the three months following the birth of a baby. Originally it referred to the development of the baby, the time when newborns adjust to life outside the womb. Now it is more commonly used to refer to a mother’s transition into motherhood, when both mother and baby are as vulnerable as one another.It is a critical time for a mother’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being as she recovers from birth and adjusts to motherhood.

A mother’s wellbeing is crucial to the health of future generations, which is why supporting her during the fourth trimester is just as important as during pre-conception and pregnancy.

Unfortunately, many mothers today are navigating this critical time without the community support they need.

During pregnancy, a woman’s body prioritises her baby’s needs, even creating an entire new organ—the placenta—to nourish and support her growing child.

This immense effort can leave new mothers feeling extremely depleted and tired just as they begin their journey into motherhood.

New parents typically lose around 1500 hours of sleep in their baby’s first year, and breastfeeding mothers spend approximately 1800 hours feeding. If a mother doesn’t get enough nutrients, her body will use its own reserves to ensure her breastmilk is sufficient for her baby.

This nearly two-year period, where a mother’s body primarily focuses on her baby’s needs, highlights the critical importance of postpartum care.

Proper nourishment, rest, and emotional support can significantly impact her physical health, mental health, and ability to care for her baby.

Key aspects of postpartum care include support, rest, warmth, propper recovery, nourishment and hydration. Our resources include a deep dive into the postpartum pillars to help you enjoy a well supported and well nourished fourth trimester. Our recipe book addresses the nutritional needs, while our online village fosters a sense of community and emotional support.

Friends and family can support a new mother by preparing nourishing meals, helping with household chores, offering to babysit older children, and providing emotional support. Our recipe gift cards are a great way to coordinate a postpartum meal train. Our recipe book is a perfect gift for a new mum for her baby shower or mother’s blessing.

Common challenges include physical recovery, breastfeeding difficulties, sleep deprivation, hormonal changes, and feelings of isolation. Having a strong support system can help alleviate some of these challenges.

Village for Mama is designed for new mothers, second-time mums, more time mums, doulas, midwives, and anyone in the motherhood care sphere. Our resources are meant to help anyone looking to support new mothers during the crucial fourth trimester.


Comprehensive Care

Combines three essential resources to provide thorough support and nourishment for new mothers during the postpartum period.

Expert Guidance and Practical Tools

Includes wisdom and advice from experienced professionals, detailed checklists, planning tools, and easy-to-follow recipes.

Community and Empowerment

Encourages building a supportive network with recipe gift cards and fosters a sense of community and empowerment through shared experiences and resources.

gift gather nourish

Equip yourself or a loved one with The Whole Village Bundle, the ultimate postpartum resource designed to support and empower new mothers through every step of their journey.

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  1. Nicola

    Love love love everything about this bundle! The book itself saw me through my second postpartum and beyond, and the recipes are just fantastic! Leila is so knowledgeable, and the postpartum guide is such a valuable resource. I cannot wait to cook my way through the postpartum bites, I have no doubt they’ll be just as fabulous as the original book!

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