Introducing ‘One Handed Bites for Postpartum and Beyond’

I am beyond excited to announce the upcoming launch of my new recipe ebook, "One Handed Bites for Postpartum and Beyond," Due Date: 10th July. This will be my first digital recipe book, and I am so excited for you to try these new recipes. This ebook is designed to help new mothers nourish themselves with ease during the postpartum period.
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Ebook cover: "One Handed Bites for Postpartum and Beyond ebook cover"

I am beyond excited to announce the upcoming launch of my new recipe ebook, “One Handed Bites for Postpartum and Beyond,” Due Date: 10th July. This will be my first digital recipe book, and I am so excited for you to try these new recipes. This ebook is designed to help new mothers nourish themselves with ease during the postpartum period.

The Need for Postpartum Nutrition

Navigating the postpartum period is a beautiful yet challenging journey. Nutrition plays a critical role in recovery, energy levels, and overall well-being. However, many new mothers struggle to find the time and resources to maintain a balanced diet while caring for their newborns and other children. Proper nutrition can help in healing, boosting energy, and supporting lactation, making it an essential part of postpartum care.

Preparing nutritious one-handed snacks for new mothers

Protein is crucial for postpartum recovery and maintaining energy levels. Often, when we are tired, hungry, and don’t have any prepared food, we reach for quick, easy carbohydrates. While carbs provide a quick energy boost, they don’t sustain us for long. Protein, on the other hand, helps to keep us fuller for longer, supports muscle repair, and stabilises blood sugar levels. This is important in pregnancy, postpartum, while breastfeeding, and also keeping up with the demands of motherhood.

About the Ebook

This ebook was created to complement the original “Village for Mama” book and to provide mothers with more delicious, nourishing snacks perfect for not just postpartum but life beyond the fourth trimester. These recipes are specifically designed to be eaten with one hand, making them ideal for busy mothers who are often multitasking.

  • Simple and Easy-to-Follow Recipes: Because chances are you’ve only got one hand free and someone is shouting “Muuuuummmm” every few minutes.
  • Nutrient-Dense and Nourishing for Postpartum and Beyond: Because stale toast, cold coffee, and three hours of sleep just aren’t sustainable.
  • Perfect for Busy Mamas: Recipes that work as delicious snacks, quick lunches, easy dinners, and the perfect delivery for a new mama.
  • Family-Friendly Options: Delicious bites that can be put in a lunchbox or enjoyed by a toddler, leaving you with a moment of peace… hopefully.

Unique Features

What I really love about this new ebook is that the recipes are perfect for pregnancy, postpartum, and motherhood. And there are also loads of options for little loves too. You can serve them with roast veggies or my favourite salad recipe (also in the new ebook) for easy family dinners. The recipes are freezer-friendly, so they can be made in advance while planning for postpartum or pulled out for an emergency lunchbox addition or breakfast on the go. Ingredients are easy to find and budget-friendly, ensuring that you can whip up a healthy meal without stress.

It didn’t take long for me to realise that nourishing food is essential for surviving motherhood beyond the first six weeks. In fact, it turns out you don’t actually ever get that other hand back once you have children. One-handed snacks become your saviour. Whether you’re stuck under a breastfeeding baby, packing your kids’ lunch boxes, running out the door late for work, or unsure of what to have for dinner.

While I love bowls of nourishing goodness, especially in postpartum (and winter!), the ease of nibbles and bites ensures you are fed throughout your entire motherhood journey.

Whenever I deliver some Village for Mama food to a new mama, I usually get a text message within the first hour saying: the ‘Midnight Muffins’ or ‘Mama Truffles’ are already gone. Yes, they are two delicious recipes, but they are also incredibly quick and easy to eat.

While warm food is encouraged during the early days of postpartum, snacks that can be eaten straight from the fridge are better than no food at all. Especially if they are whole food-based and protein-rich.

Personal Journey and Inspiration

The idea for this new ebook came to me in the early months of life with twins. I was always hungry, getting time to cook was rare, and I had small children to feed as well as myself. My experience with the twins highlighted the need for quick, nutritious, and easy-to-eat snacks that could be eaten with one hand. These recipes are designed to nourish mamas and their families. All of them are snacks or bites that can be enjoyed one-handed, straight from the fridge. For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, popped into a kid’s lunch box, cut up for a BLW (baby-led weaning) option, or served next to roast veggies or salad for dinner.

Delicious one-handed snacks for postpartum mums

It was an absolute honour to work alongside Maddy Trueman again. Maddy was the recipe developer for the original Village for Mama book. Maddy has since had her first baby, a beautiful girl called Delilah. It was really special brainstorming these new recipes while Della and the twins played, and Maddy had a new lens of motherhood to create these recipes with.

Motherhood definitely changes you. It often lights a fire of creativity and inspiration in you but gives you little time to execute. Maddy’s recipes have only gotten more delicious (if that was even possible) even though their creation now involves breastfeeding or pumping breaks. I’m in awe of what mothers can achieve, and working on this new book with Maddy has only emphasised that.

Our vision was a collection of savoury one-handed snacks and bites that are nourishing, delicious, and protein-rich.

How to Get the Ebook

The new ebook “One Handed Bites for Postpartum and Beyond” is launching on July 10th 2024. Can’t wait? Download a sneak peek of three delicious recipes to try while you wait.

Make sure you are following Village for Mama on Instagram for sneak peeks and special announcements. Sign up for my email list to receive exclusive content and offers. Thank you for being part of my village. I can’t wait for you to try the latest edition to the Village for Mama family.

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