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Over the last 3 years I have had the opportunity to chat to some incredible women on their podcasts around postpartum, motherhood, the fourth trimester, business, birth stories and more. Here you will find a list of my conversations.
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Over the last 3 years I have had the opportunity to chat to some incredible women on their podcasts around postpartum, motherhood, the fourth trimester, business, birth stories and more. Here you will find a list of my conversations.

Australian Birth Stories | September 2023

Episode 422 | Leila, fraternal twins, breastfeeding twins, postpartum doula

Following on from her birth story in episode 419, Leila shares her early postpartum experience with twins. She organised a foundation of strong and trustworthy support including private midwifery care, a postpartum doula and a meal train involving her closest friends. Despite her preparation she still had moments of overwhelm; the sheer amount of hours required to feed and settle twins is significant and it left very little space for anything else. She takes us through the importance of ready-made meals, her breastfeeding challenges, the upheaval of an unexpected hospital admission and the discovery of a prolapse at four months postpartum. Leila also shares her twin-mum must-haves so if you’re pregnant with multiples, you’ll love this episode.

Episode 419 | Leila, two births, homebirth, fraternal twin vaginal birth without epidural, private midwife, planned postpartum

In today’s episode Leila shares her beautiful birth stories; her first at home, and her second which was a twin birth in hospital at 41+2. Leila thoroughly educated herself about birth and postpartum in her first pregnancy so when it came to her twin pregnancy, she was well aware of how she wanted to be supported and opted for a private midwife to help her navigate the hospital system. Despite going well beyond her estimated due date, she achieved what she calls “homebirth in the hospital” with her twins. She’ll be back in a few weeks time to tell us all about her postpartum experience.

The Road to Wisdom | September 2023

Episode 19 | Reflections on “High Risk” Labels and The Use of Fear in Hospital

Village for Mama, gives a raw account of the trials and tribulations encountered with in the hospital system. Leila openly discusses with Chloe and Keshia, how negative influences and remarks from hospital staff planted seeds of doubt, which in turn, contributed to Leilas need for thorough debriefing after each hospital visit. The girls then open up the conversation to question the term “High Risk” how this label is applied, how censoring the full spectrum of birth stories impairs our ability to make informed decisions, among many other interesting questions.

Beyond the Bump | June 2023

Episode 182 | What has postpartum with twins looked like for you? – with Leila, Postpartum Doula

Leila is a postpartum doula from Village for Mama and she has recently had twins. She chats to us all about her twin pregnancy, her twin postpartum and everything in between. Answering the following questions and more: How did you know you were ready to try for baby number two? What was it like finding out you were pregnant with twins? Were you more sick while pregnant with your twins or your singleton? How did you get through having hyperemesis with a young child? How did you find ways to nourish your body while struggling with hyperemesis? How was it carrying twins? How does it feel on your body? Tips for getting through that mental game of waiting when you’re overdue. What’s the reality of postpartum with twins? What does a typical day look like for you? What support did you put in place that practically helped you in your postpartum with twins? How do you go about dividing your time between your four year old and your 7-week old twins? What are things you should not say to a twin mum? What are some newborn essentials for twins?

Boob to Food | May 2023

Episode 12 | The birth of twins Noah and Joey, advocating for yourself in the hospital system, and birthing 8.5kg of baby with Leila Armour from Village for Mama

Leila is a Postpartum Doula, Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Mother of now three, living in south-east Queensland. She is the author of the postpartum recipe book, Village for Mama – Nourishment for the Fourth Trimester. Leila is dedicated to helping new mothers feel held and supported through nourishing food and a village. She is also clearly a rockstar as you will learn in this episode, and has the most beautiful and honest perspective on her experience, including how her mindset shifted towards hospital birth and interventions.

The Awakened Pregnancy Podcast | April 2023

Episode 92 | Twin Pregnancy & Motherhood with Leila of Village for Mama

In this episode Leila shares the differences between her first and second pregnancies, what inspired her work, how she was preparing for birth and postpartum and so much more.

Rebirthed the Podcast | May 2022

Episode 2 | The homebirth story of Leila & baby Billie, the concept of matresence, and Village for Mama 

During this episode, Leila shares her inspiring home birth story with her daughter, Billie (who weighed in at 4.7kg!). We also talk about matrescence and how your identify changes as a mother, the importance of rest after birth, and how to support a friend who has newly birthed. Plus, so much more.

Can We Talk About This | February 2022

Episode 22 | The sacred fourth trimester and how we can prepare for postpartum

You prepare for birth, you prepare your baby essentials, you have your baby and then you are sent on your way – for most people – and now what? We even saw during the covid pandemic that postpartum care was deemed “non essential”, which continued the narrative that postpartum, particularly the 4th trimester, wasn’t important and mothers were doing it on their own. In this episode, Leila Armour, a postpartum doula, shares her postpartum wisdom chatting all things tips, resting, depletion, setting intentions, normalising rest and reframing the way we think about postpartum. Leila talks about preparing for postpartum and the sacredness of the 4th trimester and the importance of understanding matrescence. Hiring a postpartum doula can be the difference in how you cope and heal after birth and should be normalised in postpartum care – even in a pandemic! Postpartum care is essential for every mother. We, as a society need to do better.

The Matrescence Podcast | October 2021

Episode 25 | Gathering your village for a nourished fourth trimester

In today’s episode we chat to Leila. Leila is a Gold Coast based mama, holistic postpartum doula, nutrition consultant and author of the incredible Village For Mama postpartum recipe book. Throughout this episode we cover how to rally your village for a  nourished 4th trimester, some general principles for postpartum nutrition and how you can support new mothers in your life through the gift of food. We also get to hear a little bit about Leila’s own matrescence journey, how the book came to fruition and some honest reflections on her own postpartum wellbeing. Whether you are a birth worker, a mother, or  a beloved member of someone’s village, you are guaranteed to take something away from this episode.

Her Earth Medicine | October 2021

Episode 31 | Post Natal Support and Calling Your Village with Doula Leila

Having a village for mothers is the traditional way of raising children worldwide, but modern times have us disconnected from the roots of raising children. In this episode doula, Leila Armour explains how we can reconnect in a modern way to calling in our village, and offering support for the new mother and baby.

Motherhood Expanded | August 2021

Episode Four | Fourth Trimester, Motherhood & Business

Leila has entrepreneurship running through her veins. It’s in her blood. She was raised by parents who have always run and owned businesses and so it was always going to be part of her story. Since becoming a mother, experiencing birth and postpartum, Leila became so passionate about wanting to change the narrative around this sacred fourth trimester that she wrote a book. She had an idea that lit her and her womb up so much that she knew she was the one that was destined to bring it to life. Village For Mama is the most incredible toolkit, helping new mothers gather their village for a supported and nourished post birth journey. Because the journey into motherhood was never meant to be done alone. Leila shares her experience of birthing both her baby and her business and the inner strength and trust it takes for both of these life changing experiences and transitions. We explore how both birth and business has us collapsing borrowed and limiting beliefs and how imposter syndrome needs to be embraced as it will always be a part of our journeys. Leila also imparts some beautiful words of wisdom for other women who have a burning desire to bring ideas to life and build businesses alongside motherhood.

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