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your postpartum village awaits

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embracing motherhood together

We exist to support and nourish new mothers during the early weeks of motherhood and beyond, providing them with practical resources, a sense of community, and a modern approach to gathering their village.

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Village For Mama Book titled "Village for Mama" with a beige cover featuring an illustration of stacked bowls and a heart. It is described as nourishment for the fourth trimester by Leia Armour.

gather your village

A guide to postpartum nourishment

A postpartum recipe book and recipe gift cards designed alongside a naturopath to help replenish and nourish a new mama post-birth and beyond.

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Your postpartum companions

Envelop new mothers with the care and community they deserve

The Village for Mama recipe books and resources double as a practical tool to build your support network, set boundaries, and build the postpartum you deserve. 

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Our village

Recommended by some of the most well-loved experts in postpartum, nutrition and motherhood. 

meet leila

Behind Village for Mama

Meet our founder, Leila Armour, and understand the passion and dedication that drives our mission to support and empower new mothers through authentic community connections.

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A shared journey

Redefining the postpartum experience

Learn more about the heart and soul behind Village for Mama. Discover our journey, from the spark of an idea to becoming a beloved resource for mothers worldwide. From the first breath of the fourth trimester and beyond, we stand beside you.

We believe in the strength of unity and the magic that transpires when women and mothers come together.

At the heart of everything we do lies the intent to uplift, encourage, and support mothers in their journey. We aim for every meal to nourish and sustain, and every interaction to fill your cup. For the postpartum period and beyond, our wish is that you come away feeling comforted and nurtured.

Every action we take, and every story we share, is rooted in genuine experiences and an unwavering commitment to our purpose of supporting and nourishing new mothers during the early weeks of motherhood and beyond.

We approach our community with an open heart, always seeking ways to give back and add value.

Our brand and offerings are shaped by the experiences and insights of mothers, placing them at the forefront of our journey.

your go-to sanctuary

Building modern villages around modern mothers

From our carefully curated recipes designed to comfort and heal postpartum bodies, to our heartfelt postpartum stories series that connects and uplifts, to motherhood tips and more, we provide resources that support both the physical and emotional journey of motherhood.

More than just a collection of recipes, we've created a tool to foster community and provide tangible support, designed to make postpartum care a shared responsibility, ensuring mothers receive the care, rest and nourishment they need (and deserve).

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Design a more nurturing postpartum

Download our Postpartum Essentials Guide

Includes recommendations for accessories, breastfeeding, recovery, nourishment, twin essentials, building your postpartum trolley and community-only discounts.

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